Indie iPad Magazine Publishers: PBS MediaShift Post

Newsstand presents unexpected dilemmas for indie publishers.

I have a new story up at PBS MediaShift about the successes and travails faced by independent iPad magazine publishers. I had a great time learning about what these indie publishers are doing, and the ways they are trying to innovate to find success in this new medium.

I am especially interested in the ways that the Apple Newsstand is somewhat of a barrier to maintaining magazines’ top-of-mind presence for readers. I know I have magazines in my Newsstand that I easily forget to read, as John Gruber also recently observed. I found it interesting that a couple of the publishers I interviewed for MediaShift mentioned that their publication’s residence in Newsstand made it harder for readers to remember to return for monthly content, and so they were considering pushing out new content more frequently to build readers’ habits. Clearly, there are a range of advantages and disadvantages of being in Newsstand.

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