New Models for News: PBS MediaShift Posts

I have two new stories up at PBS MediaShift in the last week:

Gingras to AEJMC: Journalism Educators Must Embrace Change, Look Forward

How National Geographic Used Cowbird Storytelling Tool to Tell a Reservation’s Whole Story

The common thread between these two posts, I think, is that both exemplify the need and potential for new models of storytelling. Gingras asked the AEJMC audience to teach students to tell new kinds of stories that take advantage of the new technologies available to us today and that better suit the contemporary audience’s information preferences. The National Geographic/Cowbird project shows the ways multimedia and novel story structures can actually tell more of a story than can traditional print narratives — contrary to fears that we lose depth when we move away from standard storytelling forms.

The challenge for me now at the start of this new semester is to find ways to integrate these new models into my teaching. How can I help students prepare for a future in which neither I nor they can know the forms stories will take? It’s a difficult dilemma — and one that can give our teaching new energy. I am looking forward to exploring these ideas with my colleagues as we take on the challenge.

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