Getting Students into Digital Magazines

I was honored to be asked to present some thoughts on preparing students for working on digital magazines at this weekend’s Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Southeast Colloquium at Virginia Tech. I was on a panel with two other terrific magazine researchers and professors, Erin Coyle of Louisiana State (who also organized …


Yummy New Post at PBS MediaShift

Over the hectic Thanksgiving break, I neglected to post here that I have a new story up at PBS MediaShift. This one takes a close look at, a recently developed magazine/website/app from Meredith that has been designed from the ground up to maximize the best features of each medium. I enjoyed learning more about …


Technology for Teaching: This Semester’s Report

Because of a couple of my past posts, people often find my blog when they’re looking for information on teaching with the iPad. So I thought I might give an update on the technology tools I’m using in my teaching and personal productivity this semester on various platforms. I’ve mentioned some of these before, but it’s interesting to track which ones have infiltrated my workflow permanently and which have failed to prove their utility (for my purposes, at least).

Heterarchy and Higher Education

Someone on Twitter – forgive me, I can’t remember who! – recently mentioned the book The Sense of Dissonance by David Stark at Columbia University. I hadn’t heard of the book and requested it from the library. Just in the first chapter (available on Stark’s book website here), I’m already finding some compelling stuff. The concept …